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Need a flexibility guide? Try it with Bendy Kate!

Bendy Kate recently published her new book: Advanced Stretching Series and we were super happy that Dragonfly clothes were part of it. Since Bendy Kate herself says “It’s for polers, yogis, gymnasts, free runners, stunt...

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Pole Dance at Home – Things You Should Know

Training at on the pole home can be difficult, but it can also be very rewarding. I love to train with other people and then work on those moves I’ve tried in workshops and privates at home. I push myself more and am more confident.

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7 Pole Dance Tips for Beginners

When I meet beginners, they are often quite nervous. The best thing you can do is really get stuck into it. Enjoy it, love it and see what pole can do for you.

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9 Fitness Apps You Should Know

There are so many fitness apps that it might be hard to decide which ones to try. That’s why we’ve put together 9 fitness apps we like for running, cycling, working out at home,...

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How To Start With Yoga At Home

Whether you’ve recently read an article or watched a video that motivated you to try it, you probably already know that practicing yoga will keep you healthier, more productive, calm and generally happy. This...

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Top 10 Yoga Channels to Follow on Youtube

We’ve already talked about what you need to start your yoga practice at home. So now you have the equipment, suitable yoga clothes, the space and everything you need but where to learn the...

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Try Something New: The Art of Highlining

Are you a person willing to try something new every day? Well, here’s something for you. A thrilling sport of highlining, which is not easy but it is definitely fascinating. Highlining evolved from slacklining,...