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Making The Most of Your Pole Time

Over the course of a month I teach a lot of classes and then of course have to pole for myself outside of this time as well. I know that somedays I have a lot more time and desire...

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5 Tips for Keeping Fit on Holiday

So, the summer is finally here and that means three things – the sun, holiday and relax. But the struggle of keeping fit while being on a weekend or a long vacation comes up....

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Why I Love a Cup Grip

Okay, so I’m sure that I just sent shudders down some of your spines with that title – including a lot of my students 😉 How can anyone “love” a Cup Grip?! Well believe...

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5 Types of Yoga to Try

Whether you’ve just decided you might give yoga a go or you’ve been doing yoga for some time and you’re looking for new inspiration, we have you covered! Incorporating a variety of types of...

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Top 8 Fitness Channels to Follow on Youtube

We’ve already listed our favorite yoga channels on Youtube here. But when you want to get inspired and motivated to try something new this summer, you might be looking for more than just yoga...

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Shooting the Pole Twins Video (backstage)

Since you seemed to quite like seeing the backstage of our Prismatic Limited Edition shoot, we thought we might tell you something more about shooting the video Pole Twins. Let’s start with our pole...

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How to Choose the Right Clothes for Yoga?

Choosing the right clothes is as important as choosing the right type of yoga for you. To enjoy the yoga practice you need clothes that you’ll literally forget about and that will enable you...

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Your First Pole Inverts To Master

There are so many cool moves to master after we’ve learnt to go upside down on the pole, that it can be easy to get carried away. For a lot of us, when we finally manage to invert, we can finally try that one amazing move that got us interested in pole in the first place!

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Never Skip The ‘Easy’ Stuff

It can be hard to remind yourself to learn the ‘easy’ stuff, rather than going straight for the Iron X or Rainbow Marchenko. I know I tend to lean towards the harder strength moves, rather than focusing on moves that I really should.