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Lindsay Lithe Interview 0

Pole Expo 2016: Lindsay Lithe

Lindsay Lithe is a pole dance instructor and competitor originally from Colorado, USA and we also had the chance to meet her at the Pole Expo in LA last year. Lindsay has been only...

Sarah Scott Interview 0

Pole Expo 2016: Sarah Scott

We met with Sarah Scott, an international pole dance instructor, originally from the UK, at the Pole Expo 2016 in Las Vegas. We chatted about life and pole dance as she was slowly getting...

holly 0

Top 5 Spins for Beginner Pole Dancers

There are so many cool pole moves out there, that it can often be difficult to remember how amazing the beginner spins can be. It’s so important to make sure that you really know...

brandon grimm interview 0

Pole Expo 2016: Brandon Grim

We’ve met with Brandon Grim at the Pole Expo 2016 in Las Vegas (which was an amazing event as always) ahead of his performance at Pole Show LA and that was our chance to...

aerial hoop 0

Tribe Fitness Video

We are so excited to share with you the video Tribe Fitness filmed wearing their Dragonfly outfits! Amazing Lisette Krol and her team filmed the promo video in their studio in Dublin where they...

pullup1 0

Pole Pull-Up Progressions

I absolutely love pull-ups on the pole. Doing a pull-up (or regression of a pull-up) on the pole is one of the first strength training moves that I get students to try. I find...

Jade 0

Making The Most of Your Pole Time

Over the course of a month I teach a lot of classes and then of course have to pole for myself outside of this time as well. I know that somedays I have a lot more time and desire...

cup_grip_pole 0

Why I Love a Cup Grip

Okay, so I’m sure that I just sent shudders down some of your spines with that title – including a lot of my students 😉 How can anyone “love” a Cup Grip?! Well believe...

Shooting the Pole Twins Video 0

Shooting the Pole Twins Video (backstage)

Since you seemed to quite like seeing the backstage of our Prismatic Limited Edition shoot, we thought we might tell you something more about shooting the video Pole Twins. Let’s start with our pole...

Crucifix Pole Dance Move 2

Your First Pole Inverts To Master

There are so many cool moves to master after we’ve learnt to go upside down on the pole, that it can be easy to get carried away. For a lot of us, when we finally manage to invert, we can finally try that one amazing move that got us interested in pole in the first place!