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Shooting the Pole Twins Video 0

Shooting the Pole Twins Video (backstage)

Since you seemed to quite like seeing the backstage of our Prismatic Limited Edition shoot, we thought we might tell you something more about shooting the video Pole Twins. Let’s start with our pole...

Bendy Kate in her Advanced Stretching Book 0

Need a flexibility guide? Try it with Bendy Kate!

Bendy Kate recently published her new book: Advanced Stretching Series and we were super happy that Dragonfly clothes were part of it. Since Bendy Kate herself says “It’s for polers, yogis, gymnasts, free runners, stunt...

Bikram yoga wear for men 0

New Men’s Shorts in Stock

Hi Dragonfly guys! We have new men’s shorts for you! Very comfy, long and short version. Perfect for Bikram Hot Yoga, pole dance, swimming and other fitness sports. Try them on! 😉 Soon available...